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Stride is a research-based, experiential program for chronic achievers who are
ready to effectively implement nervous system regulation practices to
comfortably succeed in a matter of months.

You really can release the tension and

access ease-in-action to

truly Flourish.

Let me show you how.

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Real talk.

You’re a smart, hardworking, empathetic, creative problem solver whose successes consistently defy the odds.

And you've come far, so far. But there's a missing piece, a piece that feels just out of reach.  

The ability to access agency and ease-in-action.

You want

  • to release the driving tension,

  • to access ease-in-action and

  • to finally comfortably succeed. 

But you don't want

  • to lose motivation,

  • to let anyone down or

  • to risk your hard-earned gains. 

Chances are you learned a lot along the way.

You’ve researched structured approaches, diligently applied techniques, and have even observed that the strategies could work.

But you repeatedly find yourself in the same cycle. All-or-nothing.

You’ve done the work, you’ve unpacked your s*** and you understand how you got where you are…

Yet somehow, even with all this work and understanding, you slip back into that familiar pattern—

all-or-nothing, on or off, overdrive or exhaustion…

Stride: About

It can be done.

​It might feel futile.

Like ease-in-action just isn’t for you.

Like funnelling high intensity into productivity is as functional as you’ll ever get… or that you have to choose between success or the capacity to self-regulate. If you're like "the old me," you might be perpetually deferring even trying... as though trying more of the same will eventually unlock it, as though there's

some achievement you could reach

that will finally be enough and

you'll magically release

the tension. 

But you've come so far, it’s been so hard and you already are enough.

You deserve to access comfort in your competence, to enjoy your successes, to truly find your stride. 

The model that helped you survive is not the model you

need to thrive. You're in the wrong gear, overworking,

using a model that is literally draining you

and you're ready for change. 

Stride: About


A new way.

Here’s the thing—

you can’t prefrontal cortex your way out of

a nervous system response.


That incessant drive is a limbic system response fueled by

that fight/flight/freeze/fawn/befriend-or-tend instinct.


The oldest part of our brain is fast, survival fast and our newer conscious thought processes are sooooo sloooow by comparison. Like a first-time jogger trying to keep up with an Olympic runner

attempts at managing an activated nervous system

with rational strategies leave us feeling

exhausted and incapable.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like that.

I don’t like that. We’re used to being ultra-capable.

We’re used to defying the odds.


So I knew that there had to be a solution.

I've made it my life’s work to find the solution, study approaches, develop a model, framework, tools and implementation system. 

I've trained for, tested and tweaked this approach.

And the results are such effective science

that it does feel magical.

Brain Sketch
Stride: About
polyvagal ladder.png

Cultivating nervous
system agency.

For years now, I’ve been helping outliers like you cultivate

nervous system agency, access ease and Flourish

into fuller versions of themselves

in a matter of months.

If you’re truly ready to comfortably operate at your

most effective natural pace, Stride was

literally designed for you.

Stride's approach is different than:

  • strategies because it cultivates nervous system regulation 

  • somatics because it attends to the cognitive self as an ally

  • self-care because it explicitly addresses socio-political contexts

  • therapy because it’s action-oriented*

Stride is unique because it attends to the whole self, weaving the limbic, rational and social selves into a coherent expression of being. The results reveal muted attributes and applies existing effective internal models to support growth.

*Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Therapy is oriented towards addressing pathologies and unpacking the past.

Coaching supports autonomy and is action-oriented. 

The practices are often complementary,

but they remain distinct. 

Stride: About

Is Stride for you?

Helping outliers shift from chronic achieving to

comfortable success is exceptionally beautiful and rewarding work.

In order to ensure individual results and facilitate group efficacy,

I accept a limited number of qualified applicants

who are ready to show up and

do the work consistently.

Stride is for

  • Outliers ready to comfortably succeed without burnout

  • Chronic achievers ready to ditch the all or nothing approach and access agency and ease-in-action

  • Survivors tired of carrying the world on their shoulders and ready move decisively

  • Empathetic leaders worn out from rescuing their team members, ready to apply compassionate boundary setting and embody the outcomes they seek

  • Equity-oriented community members trying to balance their need for rest with the real-world urgency

  • Curious, science minded people, taken by the contradiction between the wonder and beauty in the known universe, on the one hand, and the harsh realities of social, racial, economic and environmental inequities, on the other

  • People whose growth has so consistently been against the odds that there’s an almost audible high pitched buzz… who are ready to relax expansively into their power

  • Folx ready to learn to rest, release and rise

Stride is not for

  • Normies—people who fit the bell curve, adhere to externally imposed conventions or feel easily at home in mainstream society

  • People who lack a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world

  • People who dislike science

  • People who have a hard time empathizing

  • People who aren’t prepared to learn how show up consistently for themselves

  • People who have unprocessed* trauma

*Check back in when you have done some work to process your trauma and feel ready to weave the meaning you've made into actionable steps. If you think that you might be ready and want clarification, please contact me.

Stride: Services


Stride: Testimonials
silvias pic.jpg

Wellbeing practices can be very individually oriented and self-centred.

Japji dares to center us within our communities and our personal history,

and to connect us to our grounded-in-the-present future.

Since we started our coaching relationship, I have

the feeling that a knot has come undone,

that I am truly walking my path.

In my work, I am writing from my soul and,

in my life, I am ending this difficult year 

with a more connected feeling.

Thank you for this, Japji.

Silvia Vasquez-Olguin. Ph.D.
Rural Sociologist. Environmentalist.
Adjunct Professor & Community Manager.
Advocate working to dismantle oppression & structural exclusion.

Get in touch.

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