At the intersection of coaching, consulting and leadership development,

Flourish translates research into practice to help clients achieve

optimal experience, process and outcomes. 

Using Wellbeing Assessment Mapping, 

Embodied Leadership and Cognitive Approaches,

I work with clients to co-create custom Insights, Integration and Innovation.  

If you are looking to bring your actions into deep alignment with your values

to transform in support of socio-ecological change,

do get in touch to talk about how

I can help you.

Come flourish with me,





• to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way


• an instance of suddenly performing or developing in an impressively successful way

• a bold or confident gesture



a comprehensive state of health experienced in multiple dimensions facilitating growth and actualization



• a bold, playful or courageous affront to existing structures

• an appealingly exciting, lively or spirited quality


Service Areas

Translating research into practice & ideas into reality

Flourish applies Wellbeing Assessment Mapping, Embodied and Cognitive Coaching

approaches to co-create solutions and provide tailored support,

delivering optimal experience, process and

outcomes with a touch of sass.

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New development and renewal as a busines

Thought Partnership

Social Science
Research & Evaluation


Dr. Japji Anna Bas

Transformational Coach and Thought Partner
Wellbeing & Equity Expert


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