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Urban Gardening

Wellbeing Evaluation

An ecological understanding of success

recognizes that wellbeing is fostered by 

conducive environments.

Applying interdisciplinary analysis and qualitative

research methods at the intersection of the qual-quant divide,

Wellbeing Evaluation helps to cultivate a deeper understanding of both culture and impact, informing strategic direction.

Japji came highly recommended during my time at the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition.

She is a systems thinker who is able to translate complex research into practice. Her extensive knowledge about food systems and food environments is impressive, as well as the role of food-based dietary guidelines in shaping both.

Japji is thorough and delivers results in a timely manner. I couldn’t have been more pleased with her work and have kept in touch both personally and professionally since.

Christine Campeau
Chair, Standing Committee on Nutrition
United Nations
Rome & Washington, DC

It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you about early learning and childcare. As an expert in your field, it was incredibly valuable for me to hear your insights and concerns about the work done and on ways to move forward.

I have heard you talk about the importance of qualitative data, of consultations and of focusing on Indigenous communities.

I am pleased to see that we all share the same vision. We agree that collaboration between all levels of government as well as with the private and non-profit sectors is key to achieving the best outcomes.

I greatly appreciate your continued support as we strive to achieve better outcomes for families in Toronto and everywhere in Canada.

Jean-Yves Duclos, Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development
~Longform Census Roundtable~

I've known Japji for a couple of decades and have been in the same music and dance community in 2 cities.

Her energy and leadership in those communities has always been such a positive influence on others.

From her support and participation in live events, to her “ice-breaking" ways on the dancefloor, she always leads by example and helps to create fun and inclusive experiences for everyone around her.

Paul Murphy a.k.a. Skratch Bastid
Juno-nominated Hip Hop Producer &
Internationally Acclaimed DJ

I first met Japji over a decade ago when she was putting together an online journal on Hunger and Poverty for the Ontario Association of Food Banks. 

Our work has intersected through multiple projects over the years and I am always impressed by the whole package of virtues that she brings to whatever project she is managing.

Japji is thorough, she's open to various viewpoints, she's courteous, she's personable, she's fun, and she is consistently prepared to do the work. What else could a cause-oriented organization ask for?

Wayne Roberts, Ph.D.
Consultant & Public Speaker
Internationally Renowned Food Solutionary
January 2021--Rest In Peace

Rod MacRae, Ph.D.
Food Systems and Policy Consultant
Professor, Environmental and Urban Change, York
Toronto, ON

Japji has a unique capacity to identify emerging themes and

a longstanding record of developing clear solutions to complex problems ahead of the curve.

Her wide range of skills and experiences--from the practical to the analytic, and from individual to systems-level--

demonstrate her deep listening and creative problem-solving abilities.

A true innovator, Japji offers a delightful combination of emotional sensitivity and intellectual rigour,

which she puts together in concrete approaches that move us forward.

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