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Applying wellbeing analysis and 

transformational whole-person coaching 

I help multifaceted, creative, hardworking, deeply thinking & feeling

people understand themselves more fully and develop an

integrated approach to accessing inner wisdom 

in order to identify opportunities as they

arise and Flourish in these

changing times.

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Flourish into the fullest version of your self.

Coaching programs: 

Dancing Through Storms—the art of exploring obstacles with playful curiosity, finding insight and opportunities

Rise Up—for change-makers &

social innovators on

the rise.


I think that many times what we are looking for in coaching is a counterpart that can hold us and let us understand our role in our personal history so that we can move forward—I have found that person in Japji.

Japji dares to center us within our communities

and our personal history, and to connect us to our grounded-in-the-present future.

Since we started our coaching relationship,

I have the feeling that a knot has come undone,

that I am truly walking my path. She listens carefully

to my needs and dreams and supports me in

working through them in a way that honours my autonomy and agency. 

In my work, I am writing from my soul and, in my life, 

I am ending this difficult year with a more connected feeling. Thank you for this, Japji.

Dr. Silvia Vazquez Olguin
Professor of Sociology, Ryerson
Researcher, Environmental Studies, York
Toronto, Canada

Japji helps me to disrupt thought patterns in a way that is playful and supports positive behaviour change. 

She recalls and reflects back relevant details that I've shared, seamlessly weaving together ideas both throughout and across sessions. Her analogies are thought-provoking and shed much-needed new light, making it easier to look at things from a

new perspective. 

Her insight constantly astounds me, and our sessions have shifted the way I think about myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend Flourish Wellbeing Sass if you are looking for a new way to approach and meet your goals.

Young Professional


With Japji's help, I manage to turn my world right side up and feel the balance through my breath.

A truly unique coach and a tender soundboard, I found Japji when my life and work with the Black Lives Matter movement became overwhelming and she offered her skills through the BLM trauma support guild.

While I continue to build on life experience, perspective, financial means, and community support, I find her methods super essential for navigating a disaster of this scale. What she offers is more than just skills—she’s

savvy at discussing difficult topics with ease, and her smile and presence are magical.

Japji helps me to face my deepest anxieties, and to transform them into laughter amidst these uncertain times.

I worked with Japji while traversing a major transition in my life that required me to focus my efforts in the face of disappointments and setbacks outside of my control.

Japji was incredibly perceptive and discerning to the critical pieces that required my awareness. Her guidance was clear and uncomplicated, anchored in her knowledge and wisdom.

I felt heard when I needed to be, but not coddled or placated. I needed a clear focus, and she helped me refine it with attention to the most important values.

There is a time for gentle unwavering strength, and she has it.

Rudy Ray 
Actor (Self Made, Netflix)
Musician (Trumpeter, Wu-Tang)
Toronto, ON

Emma Hood
Mother of Three
Community Mental Health Nurse
Viroqua, Wisconsin

Japji helped me to view my actions within context, helping me to see myself in a gentler light. This freed me to view my options more clearly and to make choices that make sense for me. I feel more confident and more at home with myself.

Japji embodies a great balance of lots of things that are really important to me—from social justice and a scientific approach to it to family and physical health.

Val B.
Associate Director, RBC
Mother of Two
Toronto, ON

Cyril Francis
Renewable Energy Consultant
Vancouver, BC


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