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Japji Anna Bas, ACC, MA, Ph.D.

Coach & Consultant
Wellbeing & Equity Expert

I am a wellbeing expert with

research, leadership and practitioner experience

in service of health and equity across sectors. In the context of

these changing times, I have acquired International Coaching Federation accredited training to facilitate offering my extensive knowledge base and skill-set in service of individuals and groups

who want to transform their lives and work for

optimal process, experience and



About Japji

I am a trained interdisciplinarian, with advanced degrees in

Contemporary Studies, International Development Studies and Environmental Studies.

At each level, my research has explored the importance of internal motivations and experiences as they relate

to the evaluation or success of social policy. This work has led to my invited contributions to the

Federal Long-Form Census Early Years questions, the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

and as a reviewer for the world’s leading journal on the measurement of

Quality of Life, Social Indicators Research.

At the same time, I am also a practitioner.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

with credetialed training in Professional Coaching, Whole Person Coaching, Positive Intelligence, Embodied Transformation and Embodied Leadership. I also have years of experience as a residential counsellor and administering and coding psychological assessments for Federal Government Programs.

I have experience running a sustainable restaurant, as a research consultant

across three sectors—public, private and not-for-profit—

and have worked as a member of

diverse communities in Canada

and Internationally.

Raised in Downtown Toronto with one parent on social assistance, another in corporate law, and

a community of caregivers as diverse as the setting suggests, from the outset my lived reality has spanned divergent experiences. I have lived in North America, the Caribbean and Europe and I speak three languages—

English, French and Spanish. An Xennial, the half-generation between

Gen-X & Millenials, I am a natural translator

of ideas and culture.

I am also the mother of two school-aged children, an adjunct professor in the Bachelor of Food Studies Program at George Brown College & Chitkara University,  a research team member in the “Sole Expressions:Hip Hop for

Trauma Resilience” & the "Way Forward: Supporting Victims of Child Trafficking" projects at

Toronto Metropolitan University, an intersectional ally, an enthusiastic cook,

a poet and a playful yogi, dancer, swimmer and runner.

In all of my endeavours, I strive to support

Flourishing—both my own and

that of others.

The work

I coach creative, hardworking, innovative, deeply thinking and feeling people who are working to reconcile the diverse facets of their multi-layered identities. With my support, my clients find balance and are able to access their own wisdom arriving at a self-sustaining, integrated understanding of self which allows them to

flourish into the fullest version of themselves.

Similarly, I work with leadership teams and multisectoral groups that are working to address complex social, justice and health issues in innovative ways. In working with groups, I act as a non-partisan advocate for the central idea.

Applying an interdisciplinary approach, coupled with cognitive and embodied coaching techniques,

I support team transformation by helping the members weave together their relevant strengths,

untangle their historic challenges and access optimal integration

in order to expedite success.

My unique contribution

is my ability to identify conceptual patterns of structural efficiencies and blockages across domains,

a demonstrated capacity to artfully weave coherent innovative solutions that resonate with participants' values

and to support practices that ensure sustained, measurable outcomes.

Get in touch!

Let's talk about how I can help you.

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