Applying an

interdisciplinary approach to developing 

integrated solutions and coaching techniques

to navigating obstacles,  I act as a

champion of the central idea to

expedite success.

Get in touch to book

a free 30-minute consultation 

to find out more about how I can help you

flow through complex processes with relative ease:

Core Concept Coaching—for effective communication &

efficient progress among multi-sectoral partners 

and diverse groups.

Process Coaching—structured support

for multifaceted projects.


Japji worked with me through the process of writing and editing a section of my dissertation from a shared background of research and personal experiences in Latin America.

I couldn’t have found a better partner in ensuring that my work would shine. There were multiple occasions where Japji’s guidance enabled me to make my work sparkle under unexpected new lights.

She is the kindest, sharp editor who will support your voice and enhance your ideas. 

Dr. Silvia Vazquez Olguin
Professor of Sociology, Ryerson
Researcher, Environmental Studies, York
Toronto, Canada

I brought Japji on to organize and structure a multi-disciplined four-part project. She was invaluable in keeping the entire project on track and supporting the work. 

I cannot speak highly enough - both of her ability to act as an intermediate between vision and execution, and as someone who can connect disparate elements (and people) in a project to get everything running smoothly.

She is simply one of the most competent professionals

I know.

Wesley Blondin, aka Kid Grit 2020 
Singer, Songwriter, Animator, Illustrator

Toronto, ON

Japji skillfully supplied the invaluable support, encouragement and coaching I needed to design and craft my first International Conference on ADHD presentation, “Unlocking the Secrets to Self-Regulation.” 

I’m so grateful to Japji for easing the way as an incredible thought partner who was attentive to both the content and nature of what I wanted to convey.

I was especially impressed with the way that she so easily corralled my thoughts, providing structure and guidance while also keeping my unique voice intact. 

The winning combination of her creativity, her conceptual skills, and her expertise in clarifying, organizing, and delivering content allowed me to develop a presentation that incorporated the central elements of my original idea, added dimension and depth and met the parameters of the conference.

Japji’s inspirational Process Coaching helped me to design and deliver a presentation that drew attention and praise from peers and leaders in my field.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to get their ideas across in a powerful way.


Michelle Buzgon,* PCC, CPCC
Strengths-Based ADHD Coach
Somatic Experiencing Coach
Washington, DC


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