ideas into reality 

requires navigating potential

communication, process and regulatory obstacles.

Applying an interdisciplinary approach to weaving integrated systems and coaching techniques to facilitating team cohesion,

I act as a champion of the central idea

to expedite success.

Get in touch to book

a free 30-minute consultation 

to find out more about how I can help you

flow through complex processes with relative ease:

Core Concept Coaching—for cohesive, efficient & clear

multisectoral partnerships.

Process Coaching—structured support

for multifaceted projects.


Japji has a unique capacity to identify emerging themes and a longstanding record of developing clear solutions to complex problems ahead of the curve.

Her wide range of skills and experiences--from the practical to the analytic, and from individual to systems-level--demonstrate her deep listening and creative problem-solving abilities.

A true innovator, Japji offers a delightful combination of emotional sensitivity and intellectual rigour, which she puts together in concrete approaches that move us forward.

I brought Japji on to organize and structure a multi-disciplined four-part project. She was invaluable in keeping the entire project on track and supporting the work. 

I cannot speak highly enough - both of her ability to act as an intermediate between vision and execution, and as someone who can connect disparate elements (and people) in a project to get everything running smoothly.

She is simply one of the most component professionals

I know.

Rod MacRae, Ph.D.
Food Systems and Policy Consultant
Professor, Environmental and Urban Change
York University

Wesley Blondin, aka Kid Grit 2020 
Singer, Songwriter, Animator, Illustrator

Dr. Bas is a systems thinker who is able to

translate complex research into practice.

Japji is thorough and delivers results in a timely manner.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with her work.

Christine Campeau
Chair, Standing Committee on Nutrition
United Nations


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